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Pie and peas  

In northern England, pie and peas is a very customary dish. It consists of individual servings of raised pork pie. It is made by using a hot water crust. Then mushy peas that have a mint sauce added for flavoring stuff the pie. It is served hot with spices such as salt and pepper to enhance the flavor.


Pie and peas has been a traditional England dish for many years. Most often, they are bought at bakeries and then reheated at home, rather than being homemade. Throughout the history of Northern England, pie and pea shops and street vendors have been very common. During the present day, however, pie and peas is more commonly served at sandwich shops. Popular variations include meat, such as steak or minced meat, and potato pies. For example, in Lancashire, meat or steak pies are preferred over pork pies. Buttered potato and pea pies are also commonly served throughout most of England. Pie and peas are a very popular fare at English football stadiums, and are usually served with mint sauce for enhanced flavor.